Mr and Mrs B
Tomorrow is the end of an era. Our Luce joined Serendipity Day Nursery 4 years ago when she was just 6 months old. Next week she starts at school!
Although Rick and I would like to take credit for the kind hearted, well behaved girl our Luce has become, we know we have the ladies at Serendipity to thank for the role they have played. They, as a team, have given Luce the perfect combination of love, discipline and learning over the last 4 years and for that we will always be grateful. Thank you ladies, we will miss you.
Mr and Mrs K
To All the staff at Serendipity,Thank you for looking after our daughter during the last 4 years! She has really enjoyed her time with you and you have helped her to grow into the confident, happy and capable child that she is. We will always be grateful to you for that. Best wishes to you all
Little Miss A
To everyone at nursery,
Thank you for taking care of me and making me very welcome. I will miss you all very much.


Mr and Mrs T
To All the lovely ladies at nursery,
Thank you for giving EJ such an enjoyable year at nursery, she totally loves every minute, thanks to each and every one of you!


Miss W
Dear everyone at Serendipity Nursery,
Thank you so much for letting me do work experience with you, I really enjoyed it!  Everyone was really nice and friendly and Ioved playing with the children.  It helped me decide whether I want to work with children as I loved playing and interacting with them: they're really sweet!  I learnt a lot about working with children and what it involves, it has also increased my confidence as well as my patience.  Overall it was a really enjoyable experience and I would love to come back and work for you again.