Daily fees for Serendipity 8am - 6pm = £46.00 per day. 

           This includes a nutritious menu with 3 meals and x 2 snacks

           each day along with fun activities and paid for outings.

           The only thing you need to bring are nappies and wipes due to 

           children's allergies.

           Half days are available- mornings 8am - 12.30pm £28.50p

                                                 afternoons 1.30pm -6pm  £27.50p

           Government funded hours are encouraged to be used within our            nursery a full day for 3/4 years for 8am - 6pm is £4.00 when                    using funded hours.

           2 year funded hours can be used for full days and half days no              fees apply.

           We offer half days for funded 2 yr, 3yr and 4 yr old children.

           Please call 07770806694 for more information.