How do I book a place for my child?

You will be provided with a registration form which can be sent to you or given to you if you visit nursery. We would encourage you to come and view the nursery to get a feel of it for yourself and to ask any questions you might have. Settling in sessions can then be booked to help your child be ready for their first day with us!
How do I know who will be looking after my child?
Every child will have a named key worker who will be introduced to you during your visit or settling in sessions. They will get to know you and your child and will be able to answer any questions you may have.
Can I book extra days if I need them?

Yes. We are happy to book extra days as and when you need them providing we have availability. You will be invoiced in the usual way.
How do I pay the nursery fees?

We will provide you with an invoice at the beginning of the month which is due for payment within 7 days. Fees can be paid to a member of staff in cash or directly into our bank account.
How do I book a place for my child?
Please call us to arrange a visit at Serendipity Nursery. We would encourage you to view the nursery to get a feel of it for yourself and to ask any questions you might have. Settling in sessions can then be booked to enable your child to settle ready to take up the place that you have booked.
What do I need to send in with my child?
Spare clothes will need to be left in nursery every session that your child attends. A coat and appropriate footwear need to be provided and if your child is in nappies, these and wipes will need to be provided. You will be informed when we are running low on these.
Can my child be given medication whilst at nursery?
If your child has any reason in which over the counter or prescribed medication is needed, they need to be excluded from nursery for the first 48 hours after starting medication to allow for it to start working and in any case of allergic reactions. After this we can administer it but do not keep calpol or such like on the premises, this will need
to be provided. If your child has a specific condition, you will be required to talk to us so that we can sought appropriate guidance and training if applicable. Medication forms will need to be completed each time medication is given.
What if my child has an accident at nursery?

All children have accidents and whilst we work hard to ensure your children stay safe, they will undoubtedly have bumps and bruises whilst playing. If this happens, you will be informed of the incident when you collect your child and be asked to sign an accident form. In case of a serious accident, you will be contacted immediately to inform you of the incident and to discuss any further action taken.. In the event of an emergency, an ambulance would be called and you would be notified immediately.
What if my child has an injury before coming to nursery?

Please inform nursery staff if your child has had an accident before coming into nursery. We may ask you to complete an incident report for our records.
What if my child is sick?

Please telephone the nursery as soon as possible if your child is sick or will not be attending. We need to be informed of illnesses that can be spread quickly in order to keep other parents informed. We do not care for children who are unwell, have a temperature or sickness and diarrhoea and they will need to be kept away from nursery for at least 48 hours after the last incident of illness. If your child is ill whilst at nursery, we will contact you and ask you to collect them promptly. Unfortunately we are unable to refund any fees for any days missed due to sickness as we will already have put staff in place for each day.