February 2019

Dear Parents,

Welcome to a new term at nursery and although it seems a long time ago, we hope you all had a good Christmas and New Year.

We aim to write a newsletter towards the start of each term to let all parents, both existing and new, what is going on here and to keep you updated of our policies and procedures.

Staff changes

We have had a bit of a move around with staff and rooms, the following is where everyone is at the moment:

  • Carly & Emma: Baby group

  • Julie & Sandra: 2 year old group

  • Chloe, Hayley, Julia, Kaz, Kerry, Lauren & Sophie: 3 & 4 year old group

  • Cindy, Dorothy: Wherever required.

Julia and Kaz are our newest faces and joined us towards the end of last year.  You may have seen them in here and hopefully your children will have talked about them, they have fitted in very well and hope they continue to enjoy their time here.

The Garden

As you will have noticed, the garden is a little bit of a mess at present.…we are working on this and hope to have a new area for the children to play in during the Spring.  The children are still using the garden so are getting fresh air and developing their gross motor skills, they just don’t have access to a play frame as after 15 years it had to go! We are hoping to have different areas within the garden in order to develop the different areas of learning, these being:

Personal, social & emotional development, communication & language, physical development, literacy, mathematics, understanding the world, expressive arts & design.

Pom Pom Jars
Hopefully by now you will have seen or been told by your children about their pom-pom jars. These are an incentive to promote good behaviour, kindness to others, tidying and a general heuristic atmosphere and a pom-pom is given each time the children show these acts and is run in both the 2 year olds room and 3 & 4 year olds room.  At the end of each day, the child with the most pom poms will receive a star of the day certificate.  Some of you are doing this at home also which should promote expected boundaries regardless of where the children are.  Any other ideas of how you reward/deal with unwanted behaviour at home would be good to know so that we can ensure consistency for the children.
Reports, Parent's evening and Tapestry
Reports will be written and uploaded onto your children’s Tapestry system by the end of February.  Following on from this we will be having a parents evening and would ask that you show your interest by completing your details on the form in the porch so we can work from this to arrange time slots etc. Where possible, we will fit these in at times when we know you are collecting your children to avoid coming back to nursery for your convenience. We will, of course, keep you up do date with information regarding this. As part of our on-going efforts with regards to information sharing with parents, please can you log into your Tapestry account to view, add to and where possible, comment on observations uploaded by staff. We can see who goes on this and who doesn’t and as it is a big part of the Ofsted requirements, we would ask that you help us out by doing this, it makes a huge difference in evidencing that we share information about your child’s development and progress with you.
You can log on to the Tapestry system here
The porch

Please feel free to bring slippers for your children to wear inside the nursery.  Believe it or not, the floors are cleaned every evening but you wouldn’t always think this looking at the colour of the children’s socks at the end of the day.  If you do bring slippers in, please ensure your child’s name is clearly labelled in them.  This is applicable to all clothing, especially shoes, coats and wellies. Please ensure your child always has a bag of weather appropriate spare clothes on their peg and lots of spares if they are toilet training. Following on from the poll on Facebook recently, we have decided to proceed with the tote bags for your children’s belongings instead of the pockets to try to save room in the porch so will provide these asap. As mentioned earlier, the children are still going in the garden, usually in their wellies….PLEASE respect the fact that the porch is carpeted when taking off and putting on their boots that are muddy from the garden. There will be an additional welly boot rack for the boots to be stored on outside this week.

Whilst in the porch, you may notice that the sign in and out register sheets have gone. This is a fire and Ofsted requirement so we have decided to complete them ourselves as many of you do not complete them and they need to be.

Our capacity at present is full and we have no availability in some rooms until the summer.  With this in mind please do not be offended if you ask to swap or book additional days and we cannot accommodate this. If the situation changes such as someone calls in sick or has holiday booked we will do our best to be flexible but sometimes our hands are tied, by all means please ask.
Starting school
For those children who will start primary school in September, we will start preparing them for school this term and next so they are ready for the transition and have an idea of what is expected.  This will include cohort groups having extended group time including circle and story time to encourage developing attention spans, concentration retention, self care skills, behavioural expectations etc.  For all other children who are able to start becoming slightly more independent we would ask that you start to develop the skills such as taking off and putting on their coats and shoes themselves, toileting, sitting appropriately at a table at meal times without distractions of a tv/tablet/phone, sitting and listening to stories etc.

Usual reminders, sorry!  With regards to illness and medication, we understand that you all have to work and this is important as it is for us to work however, if children are poorly and miserable with it, all they want is to be at home with their mummy or daddy.  We appreciate that this may cause you an inconvenience but if we continually look after poorly children, it is inevitable that the staff will become poorly also which will lead to us having no alternative than to close due to ratio’s not being met.  The following is from our policies,

Sickness of children:


Our policy for the exclusion of ill or infectious children is discussed with parents.  This includes procedures for contacting parents - or other authorised adults - if a child becomes ill while in the setting.


•   We do not provide care for children, who are unwell, have a temperature, or sickness and diarrhoea, or who have an infectious disease. If your child has any reason in which over the counter or prescribed medication is needed, they need to be excluded from nursery for the first 48 hours after starting the medication to allow for it to start working and in case of any allergic reactions.

•   We use guidance from publication ‘The Spotty Book – guidance infectious diseases in schools’ published by The Devon Health Protection Unit, Tel: (01803) 861833, to determine exclusion periods when children are sick. This can be discussed with parents for individual cases.

•   Children seen or suspected of having head lice will be excluded and must be treated to remedy the condition before they can return to nursery.

•   Parents are notified if there is a case of head lice in the setting.

•   Parents are notified if there is an infectious disease, such as chicken pox.

•   HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) may affect children or families attending the setting. Staff should be informed about it to ensure appropriate protection when dealing with accidents.

•   Children or families are not excluded because of HIV.

•   Good hygiene practice concerning the clearing of any spilled bodily fluids is carried out at all times.

•   Ofsted is notified of any instances of food poisoning or infectious diseases that a qualified medical person considers.

•   If a child became ill while attending nursery, the parent/ carer would be contacted and asked to collect the child, failure to do this we would contact the emergency contacts listed on the child’s registration form.


Medication Policy:


•   Parent/carers must give written permission to allow us to administer prescribed medication.

•   Staff must always check the name and date before administering and all medication should be labelled by a pharmacist.

•   All medication must be recorded in our medication folder- doses and times should be checked by second person.

•   Medication form must be signed by staff and parent/carer.

•   Each child will have a separate sheet to ensure confidentiality.

•   If the medication needs technical or medical knowledge than we will seek training from a qualified health professional.

•   If the child has on going medication like an inhaler, the parent/carers must fill out an on-going medication form which will allow the staff to administer the inhaler if they are concerned about the child’s breathing. The parent/carer will be contacted soon after the inhaler is given.

Opening hours
We open at 8.00am and close at 6.00pm.  The morning session finishes at 12.30pm and the afternoon session starts at 1.30pm.  Please adhere to these times to avoid charges being added unless a prior agreement has already been made. Funded hours must also be adhered to as part of the Early Years Funding Agreement, these will have been detailed on your individual funding letters and invoices.
Other bits

Payment of invoices are due with 7 days of you receiving the invoice to avoid further costs being added please.


Please encourage your children to leave their own toys at home to avoid tears, losses and arguments at nursery….we have plenty of toys to go around! As you can imagine, looking for a kinder egg toy or equivalent at anytime can prove very challenging.


Please if you have any issues or recommendations that you’d like to make please let us know.


Best wishes,

All the girls xx