August 2019

Dear Parents,

As we approach the start of a new term, we thought it would be a good time to compose a newsletter just to keep you up to date of the goings on in nursery.

Individual Learning Plan - Changes

As some of you may of noticed, we are no longer sending home half termly Individual Education Plans however this leaves a gap in our ‘sharing information with parents’ and in order to ensure continuity of the children’s learning both at home and at nursery, this gap needs filling. 

Within the Early Years Foundation Stage there are 7 areas of learning;

  • Personal, social and emotional development

  • Communication and language

  • Physical development

  • Literacy

  • Mathematics

  • Understanding the world

  • Expressive arts and design

Each of these areas is broken down into further areas and since we have changed our system to being more child led planned, we are completing one planned observation per week per child along with spontaneous learning intentions as they are observed. With the ‘gap’ in mind we have started to add a line at the bottom of the planned learning intentions on your children’s tapestry account called ‘possible lines of development/at home’ (PLOD) and this is the area we will be working on when we next cover that area of learning and something you can be working on at home and where possible, uploading the evidence to Tapestry. 

This is another reason why activating your Tapestry account is so important to us, especially when it comes to our next Ofsted inspection, parent partnerships are a big part of the inspection so activate and use the account as much as you can please, please, please! Whilst you are on Tapestry, please could you check that you know who your child’s keyworker is as we are making a few changes to these to fit in with the hours that the staff work and they will change as the children move rooms.  Children’s reports will be uploaded to Tapestry between now and the end of August so please look out for these.

The porch

We appreciate the porch is small and can be manic at times and we totally understand that you as parents want to know at the end of the day that your child has had a good day, want to know what they have been doing, what they have eaten and so on but as we hope you appreciate, there is usually only one of us getting the door and as much as us women can multi task, it’s hard to talk to lots of people at the same time and we want to make sure we include everyone.  With this in mind as of next week a board will be in the porch showing the area of learning that we are covering that week so that we can share with you what your children have been doing on a daily basis and give you an understanding of how they are learning so that when we talk about the EYFS and you look at us blankly, you may start to get the gist of what we are doing. We hope that this will encourage you to share what you are doing with your children on Tapestry so that we can work together in order to provide the best learning opportunities for your children.


If, however, you do want to talk to someone, please hang on and someone will arrange a member of staff to be free.  Within the next couple of weeks we will be inviting you in to let you explore the children’s activities and to give you an insight into what goes on and to talk to you about the things we have written about in this get reading!! Every 7 weeks, we will be sending, via Tapestry, a personal overview of your child’s attainment and would ask that you leave a comment.

A regular predicament we have is mealtimes. We have a picnic type lunch at present and a cooked meal at teatime.  At lunch time the children are served their food plus a dessert on their plate and they eat very well. However, at teatime, especially when there are vegetables involved it is a different matter! What we want to know are your views please on what you would do at home and what expectations you have whilst your children are at nursery with regard to meals. So, do you wish your child to have a cooked meal?  Do you persist in your children eating fruit and vegetables at home?  Do you offer a dessert if your children do not eat their tea and if so or not, would you offer a piece of fruit as an alternative? Do you give your children juice or squash if they don’t drink milk or water if it means they will drink something? What meals do your children like to eat? Obviously, we have guidelines to follow with regard to the meals we offer at nursery but some of us are parents also and we have very differing opinions on this topic so are passing the questions back to you as their parents. We will be sending a questionnaire home with you and would ask you to complete it and return it to us as soon as possible. As of September, we would ask that your child brings a named drinks bottle to nursery every day which they can help themselves to and we will refill throughout the day as required. This can then be taken home daily and brought back the next time they are in. If you wish to send your child in sooner with this, please feel free and we can introduce the bottles earlier in readiness for September.

We have changed our medication forms and now ask that you sign when you initially say your child needs medication and again when you collect, please allow enough time in the mornings to do this.  In line with new statutory guidance we have also changed how we record any incidents.  Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility and we take this very seriously. If you have an incident with your child at home, we will record the details and ask you to sign the form.  If your child discloses an incident whilst at nursery or an incident occurs at nursery, we will record this and share it with you and ask you to sign a form on collection. We will keep these documents on file and they will be accessible to you at any time should you wish to see them. If matters become more of a serious issue and the Multi Agency Safeguarding Team are involved, we will of course ensure you are kept informed at all times and we believe transparency is key and would ask you to work with us at what could be a difficult time.  If we make a referral or your children are referred to another service by a different professional and you do not follow up these appointments, this will be treated as a safeguarding concern and will be recorded and dealt with appropriately.

Attached are our nursery policies for your information. We would ask that you familiarise yourself with these, especially the illness and holiday entitlement parts, these seem to be the most common topics asked about so please ask us if you have any queries.

You can view our policies here

Take home Teddy

Starting in September, the 3- and 4-year old children will be bringing home a teddy and a diary for a few days at a time.  This is a way of providing another link with home and we would ask that you write in the diary every day about what your child and the teddy have been up to, where they have been etc.

Other bits

Thank you for your support with the cake sale in aid of Little Bridge House, we raised a huge £165.00 which we think is brilliant for selling a few cakes.

A few usual reminders! Please can you ensure your children always have a bag on their peg with appropriate spare clothes in, please name all of your child’s belongings including shoes so the right items go home at the end of the day.  Invoices are due for payment within 7 days of you receiving it and for the current month in which it is sent. We open at 8.00am and close at 6.00pm.  The morning session finishes at 12.30pm and the afternoon session starts at 1.30pm. Please adhere to these times, failure to do so will result in additional charges being added to your invoice.  Please can you avoid bringing toys into nursery, we have plenty to go around and trying to find something the size of a kinder egg toy at 6pm after it has been ‘lost’ proves very difficult!

As always, if you have any queries or concerns regarding anything at all, please let us know.


Love Emma and the girls xx